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Stories From Home

Workshop & 

Tempe Center for the Arts

"Stories from Home centers Nuevomexicana, Xicana, and Mexican American bodies, aesthetics, and experiences from the U.S. Southwest on concert dance stages, where such themes and aesthetics are rarely seen,” comments choreographer Yvonne Montoya.

& Contemporary Dance?

Choreographer Yvonne Montoya created the dance “Pajarito” as part of the evening length work “Stories from Home”. The dance illustrates Yvonne's journey of grappling with her father's illness and ultimate demise due to exposure to hazardous materials at Los Alamos laboratory. The work highlights historical context from her Nuevomexicana perspective. The connection between Oppenheimer and "Pajarito" serves as a reminder of the human toll that scientific advancements can exact.

Sizzle Reel

Community Performance

& Arts Center

Stories from Home
Artistic Director: Yvonne Montoya
Dancers: Ruby Morales, Esteban Rosales,

Lauren Jimenez, Zarina Mendoza-Orduño,

David Bernal-Fuentes with

Yvonne Montoya and Salvador Martínez-Montoya
Rehearsal Assistant: Delia Ibañez
Lighting Designer: Clint Bryson
Music Samuel Peña with a song by Salvador Martínez-Montoya
Digital Animator: Wesley Creigh
Costumes: Kelsey Vidic, Mary Leopo + Team
Dance Films: Dominic AZ Bonuccelli
Performance Videography: Dances With Tech LLC

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