Safos Dance Theatre is an emerging non-profit modern dance company founded in Tucson, AZ in 2009. We encourage the fusion of diverse genres of dance as well as the emerging of dance with other art forms in order to establish new expressions reflective of our communal experiences on the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. Safos uses spoken word from different languages without translation to portray the bilingual experience and provides a space for performance of different ethnic experiences. Our art is community-based; Safos artists live and create in the same spaces where our audience members live and work. This enables our artists to give a voice to our common experiences, which may be different than that of other communities. We  provide a safe space and serve as a much needed nontraditional outlet for local ethnic minority artists who are currently not participating in other companies.

Our name, Safos, is based on José Antonio Burciaga’s description of the term ‘Con Safos’ in the book Drink Cultura: Chicanismo.


Safos Dance Theatre is a dance company  committed to creating contemporary artistic forms that reflect the common experiences of our diverse community. Focusing predominantly on Latina/os, we are committed to: providing a safe space for artists, encouraging innovative movements, and using non-traditional forms and body types to represent the cultural diversity of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.


Safos Dance Theatre exists on the fringes of post-modern art and strives to embrace emerging aesthetics and provide a space for validation and contemporary expression for the voices in our multi-ethnic community.


The Safos organization is modeled after a family unit. Dancers, choreographers, guest artists, volunteers, staff, interns, donors and board members are a part of the Safos family that is governed by the following values.

Respect- We respect each member’s experiences, expressions, identities and body types.

Integrity- We take an honest approach towards our art and all members of the company.

Dedication- We are dedicated to to reflecting the vision and mission of the company in our work and we are dedicated to helping each other achieve their goals in support of the mission and vision.

Diversity – We value the diversity of in our aesthetics and the cultural backgrounds of our artists.


BOARD MEMBERS                                                                                   
Salvador Angulo

Hope Eberhardt

Michele Orduna

Yvonne Montoya


Yvonne Montoya, Director
Grace Rhyne, Graphic Design

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Safos Dance Theatre
7812 E. Elida St. Tucson, AZ 85715

Phone: (520) 481-1656

Email: safosdance@gmail.com

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Safos Dance Theatre is supported in part by:

Tucson Pima Arts Council

Arizona Commission on the Arts    

Safos Dance Theatre is a member of the National Association for Latino Arts and Cultures