Safos performing in Blaktina Tucson

This weekend, lead choreographer Yvonne Montoya will be representing Safos in Tucson's first ever BLAKTINA: A Cutting Edge Movement Festival Celebrating Black and Latina/o Choreographers. Produced by the Latina Dance Theater Project, Eva Tessler, Licia Perea, and Zuzi! Theater, BLKTINA will take place October 2-3, 2015 7:30pm at Zuzi's Theater in the Historic Y. Yvonne will be performing a new version of her solo piece "Ojos Negros" with music by Safos composer Jordane Lafitte. The dance is dedicated in loving memory of María Aurelia Luján Roybal, Yvonne’s great-grandmother. Come check it out this weekend and support choreographers of color! We will see YOU there!

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